Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cannes Film Festival on Cinema Image Gallery

Barton Fink
The 64th Cannes Film Festival is currently under way in France, with moviemakers from all over the world showcasing their latest work.

Did you know that Cinema Image Gallery features at least a record for every winner of the festival's prestigious Palme D'Or dating back to 1946? And that the database has a substantial number of images for almost all the movies that have won this coveted international award since that date?
A Man and a Woman

Using Cinema Image Gallery to search for Palme D'Or winners not only gives you a full list of all the awards each movie has won, but also allows you to see at a glance which of the movies your library has in stock.

Why not look and see if any of the following films are available in your library, so you can recreate the atmosphere of the Croisette in your own living room?

Union Pacific (11 images) • The Lost Weekend (15 images) • The Third Man (15 images) • Othello (13 images) • Friendly Persuasion (12 images) • The Cranes are Flying (6 images) • La Dolce Vita (31 images) • The Leopard (21 images) • A Man and a Woman (25 images) • Blow Up (71 images) • If (34 images) • MASH (50 images) • Scarecrow (15 images) • The Conversation (17 images) • Viridiana (9 images) • Taxi Driver (81 images) • Apocalypse Now (80 images) • The Tin Drum (11 images) • Kagemusha (12 images) • All That Jazz (38 images) • Missing (19 images) • Paris Texas (15 images) • Otac na Sluzbenom Putu (4 images) • The Mission (12 images) • Wild at Heart (28 images) • Barton Fink (13 images) • Farewell My Concubine (8 images) • The Piano (16 images) • Pulp Fiction (64 images) • Secrets & Lies (12 images) • The Pianist (24 images) • The Wind That Shakes the Barley  (15 images) • 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 7 Days (10 images) • Entre Les Murs (22 images) • The White Ribbon (3 images) • Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (8 images)


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