Friday, August 27, 2010

Miniaturization Quiz with Cinema Image Gallery

To mark the forthcoming launch of WilsonWeb Mobile--which gives library patrons all the search power and content of WilsonWeb in the palm of their hand--our Friday quiz this week is all about putting good things in small packages. See if you can identify these films that feature miniaturization.

All images come from Cinema Image Gallery, a repository of thousands of images from film and television, all rights-cleared for educational use. You can find the answers to the quiz there, or you can wait until later today, when we will tweet them.

Monday, August 23, 2010

More news on WilsonWeb Mobile

For WilsonWeb subscribers who access the Internet using an iPhone, an Android phone, a Blackberry, an iPad or some other mobile device, we have developed WilsonWeb Mobile as a way of accessing trusted information on the go. Although this new interface is not a replacement for the traditional desktop version, it will certainly duplicate the quality search results that librarians and patrons have come to expect from their WilsonWeb databases.

The WilsonWeb Mobile application will include the following features:
  • A separate database selection screen
  • Basic and Advanced Search screens
  • Cross-database searching (search multiple databases at the same time)
  • Wilson's renowned All-Smart Search
  • Relevancy ranking of results
  • Record indicators/icons, including Full Text, Peer-Reviewed, Non-Peer Reviewed, WilsonLink (link resolver), holdings, and InterLibrary Loan
  • ReadSpeaker text-to-speech converter (HTML Full Text Audio)
  • Language translations of both the interface and articles
  • Images from Biography databases, Art Museum Image Gallery, Cinema Image Gallery, and more
  • Email
  • Record navigation and linkable fields
  • Co-branding icons or graphics for libraries
  • Customization in the Adminstrator's Module
  • Referring page authentication (created by each library)
  • Searching results included in library's usage statistics (COUNTER and WilsonWeb's "Standard" statistic reports)
This service will be launching very soon. For more information, check out our website, or follow us on Twitter for updates.

Friday, August 20, 2010

People on the Phone Quiz with Cinema Image Gallery

Wilson will soon be launching WilsonWeb Mobile, bringing you fast and flexible access to library resources in the palm of your hand. To mark the launch, we look back over the life of the phone with Cinema Image Gallery. See if you can name the people in the photos below.

You can find the answers in the database, or you can wait until we tweet the answers later today.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Astronomers Quiz with Biography Reference Bank

In honor of this week's Perseids peak viewing, our Friday quiz is all about astronomers.

1) Named British Astronomer Royal in 1835, I calculated the density of the Earth, the mass of the planet Jupiter, and the orbits of comets. Who am I?

a) Lancelot Hogben
b) William Albrecht
c) George Biddell Airy

2) A Dutch astronomer who worked at Harvard University in the early 20th century, I initiated radioastronomy at the university and became known for my work on the small dark nebulae which bear my name. Who am I?

a) Bart Jan Bok
b) Andreas Cellarius
c) Vesto Melvin Slipher

3) Born in Co. Cork, Ireland, in 1842, I wrote the book Popular History of Astronomy, a standard work for many years, and in 1903 became one of the few women to be made a member of the Royal Astronomical Society. Who am I?

a) Sandra M. Faber
b) Agnes Mary Clerke
c) Maria Geha

4) My book, The Starry Messenger, caused a sensation on publication and made me famous, but my Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems saw me on trial for the ideas it expressed. Who am I?

a) Copernicus
b) Galileo
c) Kepler

5) An American astronomer, I developed a now-standard classification system for galaxy types, and the law that is named for me shows that galaxies are moving away from us with a speed proportional to their distance. Who am I?

a) Andrew E. Douglas
b) Fred Hoyle
c) Edwin P. Hubble

All the answers are available by searching in Biography Reference Bank. Just enter astronomer in the search text box and choose Profession/Activity from the dropdown list. Or you can wait till we tweet the answers later today.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Outstanding content with 200 new full-text journals

H. W. Wilson has added 200 new full-text journals to its databases since January 2009, making your library an even more useful research center for your patrons without adding any more paper to your shelves.

These substantial additions have been made to the following full-text databases: Art, Applied Science & Technology, Biological & Agricultural Index Plus, Wilson Business, Education, General Science, Humanities, Index to Legal Periodicals, Library Literature & Information Science, Readers' Guide, and Social Sciences.

Subscribers to either of our Omnifile Full Text databases benefit from every one of these updates.

Click here for the full list of new journals, (in PDF format) or you can click here for our Journal Directory, which gives you a complete list of journals covered by every database.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Supreme Court Justices Quiz with Biography Reference Bank

To mark the confirmation of Elena Kagan as a Supreme Court justice, our Friday quiz this week is all about the Supreme Court.

1) Named to the Supreme Court by President Nixon, I later wrote an opinion that forced Nixon to surrender White House tape recordings and papers relating to the Watergate scandal. I am...

a) Warren E. Burger
b) Samuel A. Alito
c) David Davis

2) Sworn in as the 107th justice in August 1993, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the first Jewish justice since...

a) David von Drehle
b) Erwin N. Griswold
c) Abe Fortas

3) Named an associate justice of the Supreme Court in June 1941, I also served as chief prosecutor for the U.S. in the trials of European Axis war criminals at Nuremberg, Germany. I am...

a) Robert H. Jackson
b) Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
c) W. M. Kunstler

4) What body is generally considered to be the most powerful federal tribunal in the country, after the Supreme Court?

a) Federal Court of Appeal
b) California Supreme Court
c) Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia

5) As a Supreme Court justice, I was called "the worst enemy of free speech" by political columnist William Safire in 1985. I am...

a) Edward T. Sanford
b) Antonin Scalia
c) Clarence Thomas

You'll find the answers to the quiz by searching for Supreme Court justices in Biography Reference Bank, or you can wait until we post them on Twitter later today.