Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashion Week Quiz with Biography Reference Bank and Art Museum Image Gallery

It's Fashion Week season in London, New York, and Milan, and to mark these colorful displays, our Friday quiz this week is about fashion.  It comes to you from two different databases: Art Museum Image Gallery, which has thousands of museum-quality images from all around the world, all rights-cleared for educational use; and Biography Reference Bank, a trusted source of biographical profiles, obituaries, articles, links, and images of prominent individuals from all walks of life.

You can find the answers in these two databases, or you can wait till later today when we will tweet them.

1) Based on her clothes, what century do you think this woman lived in?

a) 13th
b) 16th
c) 19th

 2) What century do you think this woman's clothes are from?

a) 18th
b) 20th
c) 15th

 3) What century did these men live in?

a) 17th
b) 18th
c) 19th

 4) Who is the man in this photo?

a) Phillip Treacy
b) Jean Paul Gaultier
c) Karl Lagerfeld

 5) Who is the woman in this photo?

a) Anna Wintour
b) Elizabeth Arden
c) Donna Karan

 6) Who is the woman in this photo?

a) Coco Chanel
b) Mary Quant
c) Diane von Furstenberg

Friday, September 17, 2010

Women in politics quiz with Biography Reference Bank

Our web team recently added the list of new biographies to the newsmakers section of our website, so you can see who's new in Biography Reference Bank, and whose profile has been updated. Because the featured biography this month is Iveta Radicova, prime minister of Slovakia, this week's quiz is all about women in politics.

1) I became president of my country in the late 1980s, I died in 2009, and I was Asia's first elected female head of state. Who am I?

a) Sirimavo Bandaranaike
b) Indira Gandhi
c) Corazon Aquino

2) I served two terms as prime minister of my country, I was assassinated in 2007, and I was the first woman to become a democratically elected head of state (in modern times) of an Islamic country. Who am I?

a) Benazir Bhutto
b) Sonia Gandhi
c) Gayatri Devi

3) I have served Florida's Third Congressional District since November 1993, despite controversies and the redrawing of my district's boundaries. I was cleared of charges of ethics violations in 1999, and I temporarily lost my House speaking privileges in 2006 for accusing the Republicans of "stealing" the 2000 election. Who am I?

a) Ginny Brown-Waite
b) Muriel Brown
c) Corrine Brown

4) A conservative Republican, I was Florida's first female senator and the first woman to be elected to a full term in the U.S. Senate whose career was not based on my relationship to a husband or other male relative. Who am I?

a) Marcy C. Kaptur
b) Paula Hawkins
c) Katherine Harris

5) After spending a year at Oxford University, Great Britain, I joined the Verejnost proti nasiliu (Public Against Violence), and went on to teach sociology, political science, and began to teach sociology, political science, and social work at Comenius University. Who am I?

a) Lilli Gruber
b) Iveta Radicova
c) Micheline Calmy-Rey

6) In 2007 I followed in my husband's footsteps and became president of Argentina, but I would remind people that I was elected senator before he was president. Who am I?

a) Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
b) Isabel Peron
c) Mireya Moscoso

All the answers are available in Biography Reference Bank, or you can wait till later this afternoon when we will tweet them. 

Don't forget that you can find lively and informative profiles of plenty more female political leaders in Biography Reference Bank, including German chancellor Angela Merkel, Tanzanian member of Parliament Gertrude Mongella, and Irish president Mary McAleese.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New full-text titles added recently

We add new content to H. W. Wilson databases all the time, not just at fixed times of the year, so your subscription becomes more valuable all the time.

As an example of the kind of content we add on a regular basis, here's some of the full-text journals we have added since the end of August 2010:

Index to Legal Periodicals Full Text
Griffith Law Review--indexed by Wilson since 1994, this refeered journal from the Socio-Legal Research Center, Griffith Law School, Griffith University, Australia, publishes interdisciplinary, social, and critical legal research.

Entrepreneurial Business Law Journal--created and managed by students, this journal focuses on the legal issues facing entrepreneurs, small business owners, and venture capitalists.

Pace International Law Review--provides a forum for legal debate within the international community and serves as an authoritative periodical source of reference for the international scholar; also includes Online Companion of the Pace International Law Review.

Art Full Text
Journal of Artists' Books (JAB)--indexed by Wilson from 1997-2003, this journal works to engage with the field of artists' books by means of critical discourse and creative exploration of the intersections of book arts, artists' books, poetry, photography, experimental literature, printmaking, graphic design, and other book-related creative endeavors.

Library Literature and Information Science Full Text
Journal of Information Literacy (JIL)--an international, peer-reviewed, academic publication that aims to investigate information literacy within a wide range of settings.

Social Sciences Full Text
Revista Latina de Communication Social--a refereed professional journal, founded in 1988, that fosters inquiry into social communication for researchers and media professionals to create a forum for sharing research findings.

You can visit our Journal Directory for a full list of the publications in any database, and remember that all the full-text journals added to the databases named above are also included in Wilson Omnifile.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Information on the go quiz with WilsonWeb Mobile and Cinema Image Gallery

This week saw the formal announcement of the launch of WilsonWeb Mobile, which gives you access to your WilsonWeb databases and features like ReadSpeaker and language translations on your smartphone or other handheld device.

To mark this development in mobile communications and information, we've built this Friday's picture quiz around information on the move. You'll find all the answers on Cinema Image Gallery, or you can wait till later today when we will tweet them.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to school Quiz with WilsonWeb and Cinema Image Gallery

Get the new school year off to the best possible start by signing up to WilsonWeb Mobile and get a range of WilsonWeb content and functionality with all the convenience of your iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone, or other handheld device.

To mark the start of the new school year, today's Friday quiz is all about schools and education. All the answers can be found in Cinema Image Gallery (where all images are rights-cleared for use in educational settings), or you can wait until we tweet them later on today.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

H. W. Wilson continues to be COUNTER compliant

WilsonWeb has yet again been certified as compliant with the Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources (COUNTER) Code of Practice for Journal and Database Reports. According to a recent annual audit by media auditing firm BPA Worldwide, WilsonWeb's usage reports meet the latest standards in both content and format, so librarians and administrators can be confident that they are getting the highest quality statistical information when they consult WilsonWeb reports.

In addition to Wilson’s selection of “standard” International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) compliant usage reports, the online COUNTER usage reports listed below are also provided to its customers, including Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) capability.

DB1 = Database Report 1: Total Searches and Sessions by Month and Database
DB2 = Database Report 2: Turnaways by Month and Database
DB3 = Database Report 3: Total Searches and Sessions by Month and Service
JR1 = Journal Report 1: Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal
CR1 = Consortium Report 1: Number of Successful Full-Text Journal Article or Book Chapter Requests by
                Month (XML only)
CR2 = Consortium Report 2: Total Searches by Month and Database (XML only)

The SUSHI protocol standard (ANSI/NISO Z39.93-2007) defines an automated request and response model for the harvesting of electronic resource usage data utilizing a Web services framework.  It is intended to ease the collection of various vendor usage reports for libraries, through the defined formatting of usage data reports.  WilsonWeb’s Usage Statistics Module now includes a “SUSHI Settings” page, giving libraries the ability to access their WilsonWeb Usage Statistics using the SUSHI protocol.  Also on that Settings page, administrators will enter a Single IP or range of IP addresses for connecting to WilsonWeb SUSHI service.