Monday, July 4, 2011

Thousands of new images in Cinema Image Gallery

 Just in time for summer vacation, we have updated Cinema Image Gallery with a total of 4,393 images from 831 movies and TV shows, more than 300 of which are new to the database. These additions include: 
  • Thor 27 images
  • Cowboys & Aliens 15 images
  • The King's Speech 15 images
  • The Fighter 12 images
  • Black Swan 24 images
as well as 17 images, including behind the scenes stills, from the HBO mini-series Mildred Pierce (check out the original movie also, for which Joan Crawford won the Best Actress Oscar in 1945, and for which we have 27 records). We also have 52 images from the 2011 version of Arthur (with 12 images from the original 1981 version starring Dudley Moore).

This update means that Cinema Image Gallery now features more than 210,000 images from 21,000 different movies and television shows, so you are bound to find something to interest the whole family this summer.