Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving quiz with Omnifile

To mark the fact that Thanksgiving is almost here, today's quiz celebrates that holiday as well as giving you a taste of the variety of publications you can peruse if you have an Omnifile Full Text, Mega or Select subscription.

You will find the answers in Omnifile, or you can hang on until later today, when we will tweet them.

Our illustration comes from Art Museum Image Gallery, another key Wilson resource.

1) Which food company fields approximately 100,000 phone calls each November, and around ten years ago was consulted by President Josiah Bartlett (Martin Sheen) in an episode of the West Wing?
(from an article in Advertising Age)

a) Butterball
b) Epicurious
c) Food Network 

2) Which ancient Greek word is usually understood by Christians to mean "to give thanks", although this was an uncommon concept in antiquity?
(from an article in The Catholic Biblical Quarterly)

a) Filotimia
b) Eukharistein
c) Gratitude

3) Why was Squanto able to interpret for the Pilgrims at Plymouth in 1621?
(from an article in Native Peoples)

a) A trapper taught him English.
b) He went to a missionary school.
c) He had already spent some time living in England.

4) Which three native birds do Texas chefs recommend trying as an alternative to turkey at Thanksgiving?
(from an article in Texas Monthly)

a) meadowlark, blackbird, cowbird
b) chicken, goose, wrentit
c) dove, duck, quail

5) Which little known event is known by some people as "the real first Thanksgiving"?
(from an article in School Library Media Activities Monthly)

a) October 1615: Lost French trapper Jean Baptiste Charbonneau celebrates his rescue by sharing his food with the Shoshone tribe.
b) November 25, 1620: Native Americans at the English court demonstrate their Thanksgiving feasts.
c) September 8, 1565: Admiral Pedro Menendez and Father Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajales share a meal with the Timucua tribe in La Florida

6) Which astronomical phenomenon occurs close to Thanksgiving?
(from an article in Astronomy)

a) Sun spots
b) The Leonid meteor shower
c) The Hale-Bopp comet

7) Which Disney movie took just $16.6 million over its opening Thanksgiving weekend in 2002 to become one of the studio's least successful animated features?
(from an article in Variety)

a) Pocahontas
b) Treasure Planet
c)  Lilo & Stitch

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