Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving ideas from Omnifile on WilsonWeb and WilsonWeb Mobile

Wilson Omnifile is certainly a key resource for academic research, but it contains a wealth of material from popular publications also. Using either your office version or your WilsonWeb Mobile account, try a search for Thanksgiving, then choose Recipes from the document type dropdown list. This will turn up a host of articles that include holiday offerings from Rachael Ray, Emeril Lagasse, and more, as well as articles with recipes designed for children to help with, and handy ideas for leftovers.

Remember that if you choose to listen to the recipes using ReadSpeaker, you can play them back at the speed that suits you, and you can select only the parts of the article you need to hear. Language translations also makes these articles available to anyone who is working on their English skills.
Thanksgiving menu 1905 by George Elbert Burr

For other ideas for the holiday, keep Thanksgiving as your search term, choose All from the document type list, and select Education from the list of subject areas. This will return articles on fostering gratitude among school children, as well as craft ideas for the occasion, which could be useful for art classes in school, a project in the library, or to give parents inspiration for keeping kids occupied between now and the holiday.

(The pictures in this article were taken from Cinema Image Gallery and Art Museum Image Gallery, two more excellent sources of art and craft inspiration for Thanksgiving or any other holiday.)

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