Friday, November 12, 2010

Movember mustache quiz with Biography Reference Bank

In recent years, men from Australia to the U.S. have taken on a new challenge in the month of November: to grow a mustache in order to raise awareness of the cancers that specifically affect men. 

To mark the Movember effort to raise both awareness and funds, today's quiz celebrates well-known mustache wearers. You'll find the answers to all these questions in Biography Reference Bankor you can wait until later today when we will tweet them.

1) Almost single-handedly responsible for turning his sport into mass entertainment, this prominent mustache wearer studied under the trainer Hiro Matsuda, and gained his popular nickname because of his resemblance to a popular television character of the late 1970s. Who is he?

a) Mick Foley
b) Carl Weathers
c) Hulk Hogan

2) This mustachioed actor appeared in over 50 television commercials in the 1970s, until Universal Television offered him a part in a series that was intended to replace Hawaii Five-O.

a) Burt Reynolds
b) Tom Selleck
c) Sam Elliott

3) Famous for his painted-on mustache, among other things, this actor, writer, and comedian started his stage career as a member of the Messenger Boys, singing in various city restaurants to raise money for the victims of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Who was he?

a) Charlie Chaplin
b) Oliver Hardy
c) Groucho Marx

4) Known as a suave, mustache-wearing actor, this man originally planned to be a fashion illustrator. He attended the National Academy of Design in New York, where he was spotted by a CBS casting director and began to take acting roles to pay for his art supplies. Who is he?

a) Billy Dee Williams
b) Sidney Poitier
c) Lou Gossett Jr.

5) This wearer of the classic pencil mustache held the first ever screening of his movies in the 1960s--three black-and-white shorts--in the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Who is he?

a) David Simon
b) John Waters
c) Barry Levinson

6) When Congress declared war against Spain in 1898, this bristly mustache-sporting president of the U.S. organized a regiment of cavalry volunteers known as the Rough Riders. Who was he?

a) William H. Taft
b) William McKinley
c) Theodore Roosevelt

7) Known as a child as "Sosso", this famous mustache wearer also used the aliases "David" and "Koba" early in his political career, and first joined the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party in Tiflis in 1898. Who was he?

a) Joseph Stalin
b) V. I. Lenin
c) Leon Trotsky


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