Friday, December 3, 2010

December Birthday quiz with Biography Reference Bank

December can be a difficult month to celebrate your birthday, because it sometimes gets mixed up in the holiday season. So today's quiz celebrates notable people with birthdays in December. You can find all the answers in Biography Reference Bank, (try a search using the date fields to get the results you want), or you can wait until later today when we will tweet them.

1. Born on December 19, 1906, my time as premier of the Soviet Union was marked by a detente in relations with the West, including the first United States-Soviet Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.
a) Leonid Brezhnev
b) Aleksei N. Kosygin
c) Nikolai Khrushchev

2. I was born on Christmas Day, 1887, and later became known as the "No.1 innkeeper". Who am I?
a) Pancho Barnes
b) Charles Ballard
c) Conrad Hilton

3. Born on December 17, 1937, a Forbes list of the world's richest people listed me as the wealthiest person in Australia, 94th in the world. Who am I?
a) Kerry Packer
b) Rupert Murdoch
c) Geoffrey Bible

4. I was born on December 19, 1915, and when I sang on stage I usually went without makeup and wore a simple black dress. Who am I?
a) Edith Piaf
b) Alice Fay
c) Billie Holiday

5. I am a singer who was performing the national anthem at Pittsburgh-area sporting events before I was eight years old. I turn 30 on December 18. Who am I?
a) Britney Spears
b) Christina Aguilera
c) Josh Groban

6. I am a British actor who was nominated for a Tony award in 2010 for my portrayal of Hamlet. My birthday is on December 29. Who am I?
a) Tom Hardy
b) David Tennant
c) Jude Law

7. In 1961 I left a $1,700-a-week job writing for the Garry Moore Show to try my hand at standup comedy. I celebrate my birthday on December 1. Who am I?
a) Steve Martin
b) Steve Allen
c) Woody Allen


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There had been many great personalities in the history which we are never able to forget ever in our life. It sure is meant to be for the sake of those whom are being concern to such things.

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