Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The 2010 midterms: Newsmakers in Biography Reference Bank

Yesterday's elections brought changes to Congress, including a new Speaker of the House, likely to be Ohio Republican John Boehner. If you want to know more about this key figure in the 2010 elections, you will find a detailed profile of him in Biography Reference Bank, including a selection of photographs.

You will also find a profile of Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has represented Nevada in the Senate since 1986.

Reading the two profiles side by side could be valuable, particularly for younger patrons, because it shows that public representatives can start out with different backgrounds, different skill sets, and different career paths, but still end up serving their country in the highest seats of power.

These profiles are also useful for classroom quizzes, as project starting points, or just for general, reliable reading either in the library or on the move with WilsonWeb Mobile.

Remember that you can also listen to all, or just your highlighted sections, of these profiles with ReadSpeaker, and that those who are learning English can translate these profiles into a selection of languages to make their research easier. You can also find many more profiles of politicians and public representatives, searching either by name or using the Profession/Activity search box on the Advanced Search screen to find senators, politicians, legislators, or political leaders, depending on the individuals you are looking for.

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