Friday, August 6, 2010

Supreme Court Justices Quiz with Biography Reference Bank

To mark the confirmation of Elena Kagan as a Supreme Court justice, our Friday quiz this week is all about the Supreme Court.

1) Named to the Supreme Court by President Nixon, I later wrote an opinion that forced Nixon to surrender White House tape recordings and papers relating to the Watergate scandal. I am...

a) Warren E. Burger
b) Samuel A. Alito
c) David Davis

2) Sworn in as the 107th justice in August 1993, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the first Jewish justice since...

a) David von Drehle
b) Erwin N. Griswold
c) Abe Fortas

3) Named an associate justice of the Supreme Court in June 1941, I also served as chief prosecutor for the U.S. in the trials of European Axis war criminals at Nuremberg, Germany. I am...

a) Robert H. Jackson
b) Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
c) W. M. Kunstler

4) What body is generally considered to be the most powerful federal tribunal in the country, after the Supreme Court?

a) Federal Court of Appeal
b) California Supreme Court
c) Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia

5) As a Supreme Court justice, I was called "the worst enemy of free speech" by political columnist William Safire in 1985. I am...

a) Edward T. Sanford
b) Antonin Scalia
c) Clarence Thomas

You'll find the answers to the quiz by searching for Supreme Court justices in Biography Reference Bank, or you can wait until we post them on Twitter later today.


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