Friday, August 27, 2010

Miniaturization Quiz with Cinema Image Gallery

To mark the forthcoming launch of WilsonWeb Mobile--which gives library patrons all the search power and content of WilsonWeb in the palm of their hand--our Friday quiz this week is all about putting good things in small packages. See if you can identify these films that feature miniaturization.

All images come from Cinema Image Gallery, a repository of thousands of images from film and television, all rights-cleared for educational use. You can find the answers to the quiz there, or you can wait until later today, when we will tweet them.


Hunhis said...

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shira said...

Certainly! I'll provide you with a miniaturization quiz using a cinema image gallery. I'll describe each image in four lines, and you can try to guess the movie or actor based on the description. Let's get started:

Image 1:
In a galaxy far, far away,
A masked villain holds sway.
Lightsabers clash in the night,
Name the film that's pure starlight.

Image 2:
Wands at the ready, spells ablaze,
A boy with lightning-shaped gaze.
In Hogwarts, magic unfolds,
Which movie in this tale is told? bankruptcy lawers near me