Friday, August 13, 2010

Astronomers Quiz with Biography Reference Bank

In honor of this week's Perseids peak viewing, our Friday quiz is all about astronomers.

1) Named British Astronomer Royal in 1835, I calculated the density of the Earth, the mass of the planet Jupiter, and the orbits of comets. Who am I?

a) Lancelot Hogben
b) William Albrecht
c) George Biddell Airy

2) A Dutch astronomer who worked at Harvard University in the early 20th century, I initiated radioastronomy at the university and became known for my work on the small dark nebulae which bear my name. Who am I?

a) Bart Jan Bok
b) Andreas Cellarius
c) Vesto Melvin Slipher

3) Born in Co. Cork, Ireland, in 1842, I wrote the book Popular History of Astronomy, a standard work for many years, and in 1903 became one of the few women to be made a member of the Royal Astronomical Society. Who am I?

a) Sandra M. Faber
b) Agnes Mary Clerke
c) Maria Geha

4) My book, The Starry Messenger, caused a sensation on publication and made me famous, but my Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems saw me on trial for the ideas it expressed. Who am I?

a) Copernicus
b) Galileo
c) Kepler

5) An American astronomer, I developed a now-standard classification system for galaxy types, and the law that is named for me shows that galaxies are moving away from us with a speed proportional to their distance. Who am I?

a) Andrew E. Douglas
b) Fred Hoyle
c) Edwin P. Hubble

All the answers are available by searching in Biography Reference Bank. Just enter astronomer in the search text box and choose Profession/Activity from the dropdown list. Or you can wait till we tweet the answers later today.


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