Thursday, February 17, 2011

New content for Cinema Image Gallery - Oscar nominees and more!

In time for awards season, Wilson has updated Cinema Image Gallery with 6,500 new images from 1,200 movies and television shows, including more than 450 movies new to the database, and with the nominee information for the 2011 Academy Awards.
More than 300 images from the 10 movies nominated for Best Picture are featured in the database, and the other award categories indexed by Cinema Image Gallery are also well represented.

New titles added to the database in this update include

  • Tron: Legacy: 94 images
  • Despicable Me: 57 images
  • The Town: 45 images
  • True Grit (2010): 44 images (Cinema Image Gallery also has 52 images from the original version)
  • Boardwalk Empire: 31 images
  • 127 Hours (28 images)
The images added are a mixture of publicity photos, scenes from the movies and shows, production shots of the crews in action, and lobby cards and poster art.

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