Friday, January 21, 2011

Downton Abbey and Costume Dramas on Cinema Image Gallery

In its 40th year on PBS, Masterpiece has scored another critical and popular hit with Downton Abbey, the story of those who lived and worked above and below stairs in one of Britain's great houses at the beginning of the 20th century.

Everyone loves great costume drama. It makes for excellent entertainment and can be a great teaching tool too. So, to mark this popular movie and television form, today's quiz asks you to name these classic period dramas. All the answers can be found in Cinema Image Gallery, or you can wait till later today when we will tweet them.

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yorkethom said...


really ironic. If this was all his design, I'd applaud.
Ironically, the movie selected and chosen by the Bruges is also a great movie to be applauded by the general public (lower than them) like a basement man who shouts loyalty to Park, saying he feeds himself. We laughed at them in the movie, but it's just our self-portraits. Look at now. It's just that their appearance in the movie is expressed in extreme maximization.
What's annoying about this cleverly well-made film is that it actually makes those who are not in reality
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