Friday, January 14, 2011

ALA Midwinter quiz with Biography Reference Bank

In honor of ALA Midwinter's recent gathering in San Diego of librarians, administrators, library service providers, and other members of the library community, our quiz this week is all about librarians.

All the answers are in Biography Reference Bank, or you can wait till later today when we will tweet them.

1) Born November 4, 1946, I was working as a librarian at Dawson Elementary School in Austin, Texas, when I agreed to a first date with the man who would later become my husband and president of the United States. Who am I?
a) Hillary Clinton
b) Michelle Obama
c) Laura Bush

2) Born July 19, 1904, I was president of the Special Libraries Association in its 50th year (1958-1959) and greatly expanded the activities of the library of the American Iron and Steel Institutes. Who am I?
a) Margaret Fuller
b) Ellen Mac Gregor
c) Flora Belle Ludington

3) Born May 9, 1906 I was a librarian and writer of children's books, many of which I also illustrated, including The Moffats and The Hundred Dresses. Who am I?
 a) Anne Carroll Moore
b) Julia Gunther MacKaye
c) Eleanor Estes

4) Born December 23, 1937, I worked in libraries for 25 years before becoming a full-time children's author. I have published over 60 books including Things that Sometimes Happen and the serial Keep Your Eye on Amanda. Who am I?
a) Dr. Seuss
b) Avi Wortis
c) Thornton Burgess

5) Born April 7, 1816, I was a lexicographer and bibliographer known for my Critical Dictionary of English Literature, published in three volumes from 1858 to 1871. Who am I?
a) Samuel Austin Alliborne
b) George Shields
c) Carl Hastings Milam

6) Born May 7, 1892, I won the Pulitzer Prize in 1932, 1953, and again in 1959, and I served as a Librarian of Congress. Who am I?
a) Ronald Brunless McKerrow
b) Archibald MacLeish
c) George Henry Moore


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