Friday, September 17, 2010

Women in politics quiz with Biography Reference Bank

Our web team recently added the list of new biographies to the newsmakers section of our website, so you can see who's new in Biography Reference Bank, and whose profile has been updated. Because the featured biography this month is Iveta Radicova, prime minister of Slovakia, this week's quiz is all about women in politics.

1) I became president of my country in the late 1980s, I died in 2009, and I was Asia's first elected female head of state. Who am I?

a) Sirimavo Bandaranaike
b) Indira Gandhi
c) Corazon Aquino

2) I served two terms as prime minister of my country, I was assassinated in 2007, and I was the first woman to become a democratically elected head of state (in modern times) of an Islamic country. Who am I?

a) Benazir Bhutto
b) Sonia Gandhi
c) Gayatri Devi

3) I have served Florida's Third Congressional District since November 1993, despite controversies and the redrawing of my district's boundaries. I was cleared of charges of ethics violations in 1999, and I temporarily lost my House speaking privileges in 2006 for accusing the Republicans of "stealing" the 2000 election. Who am I?

a) Ginny Brown-Waite
b) Muriel Brown
c) Corrine Brown

4) A conservative Republican, I was Florida's first female senator and the first woman to be elected to a full term in the U.S. Senate whose career was not based on my relationship to a husband or other male relative. Who am I?

a) Marcy C. Kaptur
b) Paula Hawkins
c) Katherine Harris

5) After spending a year at Oxford University, Great Britain, I joined the Verejnost proti nasiliu (Public Against Violence), and went on to teach sociology, political science, and began to teach sociology, political science, and social work at Comenius University. Who am I?

a) Lilli Gruber
b) Iveta Radicova
c) Micheline Calmy-Rey

6) In 2007 I followed in my husband's footsteps and became president of Argentina, but I would remind people that I was elected senator before he was president. Who am I?

a) Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
b) Isabel Peron
c) Mireya Moscoso

All the answers are available in Biography Reference Bank, or you can wait till later this afternoon when we will tweet them. 

Don't forget that you can find lively and informative profiles of plenty more female political leaders in Biography Reference Bank, including German chancellor Angela Merkel, Tanzanian member of Parliament Gertrude Mongella, and Irish president Mary McAleese.


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