Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashion Week Quiz with Biography Reference Bank and Art Museum Image Gallery

It's Fashion Week season in London, New York, and Milan, and to mark these colorful displays, our Friday quiz this week is about fashion.  It comes to you from two different databases: Art Museum Image Gallery, which has thousands of museum-quality images from all around the world, all rights-cleared for educational use; and Biography Reference Bank, a trusted source of biographical profiles, obituaries, articles, links, and images of prominent individuals from all walks of life.

You can find the answers in these two databases, or you can wait till later today when we will tweet them.

1) Based on her clothes, what century do you think this woman lived in?

a) 13th
b) 16th
c) 19th

 2) What century do you think this woman's clothes are from?

a) 18th
b) 20th
c) 15th

 3) What century did these men live in?

a) 17th
b) 18th
c) 19th

 4) Who is the man in this photo?

a) Phillip Treacy
b) Jean Paul Gaultier
c) Karl Lagerfeld

 5) Who is the woman in this photo?

a) Anna Wintour
b) Elizabeth Arden
c) Donna Karan

 6) Who is the woman in this photo?

a) Coco Chanel
b) Mary Quant
c) Diane von Furstenberg


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