Friday, July 30, 2010

Lewis and Clark Quiz with Omnifile

Summer is a time for exploration, discovery, and travel. We continue this theme with this week's Friday quiz by delving into some articles in Omnifile about Lewis and Clark's landmark "Expedition of North Western Discovery".

1) What were Lewis and Clark's first names?

a) Thomas Jefferson and Alexander
b) Meriweather and William
c) George Washington and James

2) Which member of the expedition team is depicted in 23 statues nationwide?

a) Toussaint Charbonneau
b) The Shoshone guide, Toby
c) Sacagawea

3) From which city did the Expedition of North Western Discovery set off?

a) St. Louis
b) Philadelphia
c) Springfield

4) Representative of which Native American tribe guided the expedition down the Snake River to the Columbia?

a) Nez Percé
b) Shoshone
c) Blackfoot

5) The most arduous stretch of Lewis and Clark's expedition took them through which mountain range?
a) The Salish Range
b) The Columbia Range
c) The Bitterroot Range

You'll find all the answers to these questions in one of the many articles about Lewis and Clark to be found in Omnifile, or you can read them in the answer tweet we'll be sending out later today. The picture--"Floyd's Grave, Where Lewis and Clark Buried Sergeant Floyd in 1804", courtesy of the Smithsonian--comes from Art Museum Image Gallery.

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