Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday May 6 birthday quiz with Biography Reference Bank on WilsonWeb

We haven't had a birthday quiz for a while, so let's have one today. Happy birthday if you were born on May 6. You'll find all the answers to today's quiz in Biography Reference Bank, or you can wait till later today when we will tweet them.

1) Which Italian-born silent film star known for their brooding good looks was born on this day in 1895?
a) Rudolph Valentino
b) Greta Garbo
c) Frederick March

2) Which Arctic explorer, born on this day in 1856, became the first person to reach the North Pole on April 6, 1909?
a) Edmund Hillary
b) Robert Peary
c) Ernest Shackleton

3) Which baseball player, born on May 6, 1931, became the highest-paid player in the history of major league baseball in 1966 when he signed with the San Francisco Giants for an estimated $130,000 a year?
a) Willie Mays
b) Mel Ott
c) Mickey Mantle

4) Which former British prime minister, born on May 6 1953, won his third term on his birthday in 2005?
a) John Major
b) Gordon Brown
c) Tony Blair

5) Which American actor, nominated for both acting and writing awards for the movie Good Night and Good Luck, was born on this day in 1961?
a) Robert Downey Jr.
b) George Clooney
c) Brad Pitt


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